During my tenure at Omelet, a creative agency in LA, I had the privilege of serving as the lead Motion Designer for AT&T's impactful It Can Wait (ICW) campaign from 2016 to 2020. In a society where distracted driving persists despite widespread awareness, ICW emerged as a powerful initiative to empower individuals with knowledge and instigate a shift in harmful habits. My role involved spearheading the design efforts for ICW's social channels, and over the course of my collaboration, the campaign witnessed a remarkable surge from 15 million pledges to an impressive 40 million by the beginning of 2020. By leveraging compelling visuals and a strategic approach, my creative contributions played a pivotal role in elevating ICW's visibility and influence, making a substantial impact on driver behavior and contributing to the overarching mission of creating safer roads nationwide.
Jared was responsible for creating celebratory animations when the ICW pledge number hit incredible heights.
AT&T sponsors many high profile athletes and teams, and incorporates It Can Wait into digital media portraying such sponsors. The AT&T Red River Showdown (RRS) is one of the most highly anticipated and competitive rivalries in college football. This game garners hundreds of thousands of views and is a tentpole moment in college sports. Jared was responsible for creating a RRS ICW campaign (2018) which helped boost pledge numbers through a new website and social channels. The website included messages from both head coaches which were also shown on the jumbotron at the game. The content Jared created was shared by both school’s social channels as well as ICW and AT&T’s main twitter channel.
Team - Omelet
Josh Smutko, Creative Director
Raul Montes, Creative Director
Holly Lim, Brand Manager
Emma Stier, Brand Coordinator
Jake Palumbo, Copywriter
Alexandra Heide, Associate Director, Communications Strategy
Christine Sasaki, Strategist

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