During my tenure at Walmart as the sole Motion Designer on the Fashion and Beauty team, I played a pivotal role in curating engaging video and motion assets. Working within Walmart's in-house creative studio, I collaborated closely with private label brands such as Scoop, Free Assembly, Love & Sports, Time + Tru, and Sofía Jeans. My responsibilities included crafting dynamic content for multi-brand campaigns, showcasing the latest trends and product offerings. These visually compelling videos, disseminated across organic and paid social media channels, successfully reached millions of potential and existing customers, contributing significantly to the team's digital storytelling efforts.
As the creative mind behind each frame, I navigated the fast-paced world of Fashion and Beauty, ensuring that each video not only reflected the distinct identity of the private label brands but also resonated with our diverse audience. From concept to execution, my work at Walmart epitomized the fusion of creativity and strategic thinking, leaving a lasting impact on our digital narrative and establishing a legacy in motion design for the Fashion and Beauty team.
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